The ‘Six Million Dollar’ Shark Lee Majors Refused To Jump

Television producers and writers make questionable decisions about their shows all the time, and that’s why the phrase “jump the shark” exists — it usually is used to mark the precise point in the life of a TV show when the characters’ stories or situations go from plausible to laughable. Now, imagine Lee Majors. He was on a show — The Six Million Dollar Man — that already had kind of a far-fetched, futuristic premise, but it was working. Audiences were buying in. So, what could make the show even better? Of course … more bionics! Majors was in favor of the first addition, as Lindsey Wagner joined the cast as a love interest who became The Bionic Woman (and spun off onto her own show), but he drew the line at the other cast member the producers thought about adding.(Click on the media bar below to hear Lee Majors)

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