At 75, Cher’s Still Happy To Share Her Talents

As Cher turned 75 this year, she’s in a reflective mood, as she’s just made a deal to help produce — along with the Mamma Mia production team — a biopic about her amazing life and her Grammy-winning, Emmy-winning, and Oscar-winning career. Having burst onto the scene at the age of 19 with Sonny & Cher’s #1 hit single, I’ve Got You Babe, Cher’s career is still going strong 56 years later, and a lot of people are hoping she’ll be able to return to the concert stage soon. For her part, Cher says she’s eager, too, because she’s lucky enough to have succeeded in a job that she still loves to do. (Click on the media bar below to hear Cher)

There’s no release date set for the Cher biopic, which will be produced by Universal

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