John Krasinski Still Awed That People Found His ‘Quiet Place’ Appealing

Director John Krasinski on the set of “A Quiet Place Part II.”

When John Krasinski was hired to make A Quiet Place five years ago, he really didn’t know what to expect. It was his first directorial experience for a major studio, yet the movie was being made on indie money — the budget was just $17 million. But Krasinski, who not only directed, but helped write the screenplay, became very passionate about the film, especially once his wife, Emily Blunt, became enamored with the project and pitched herself as his on-screen wife. The film went on to surprise everybody when it became a huge hit, making nearly $350 million worldwide. With the COVID-delayed sequel finally on the way, Krasinski talked to us about how he felt when audiences embraced the first film the way they did. (Click on the media bar below to hear John Krasinski)

A Quiet Place II  opens in theaters on May 28.

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