‘Mortal Kombat’ Set Was A Whole New World For Director

Photo Credit: Courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures
Caption: (L-r) NATHAN JONES as Reiko, SISI STRINGER as Mileena and DANIEL NELSON as Kabal in New Line Cinema’s action adventure “Mortal Kombat,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release.

On the set of Mortal Kombat, director Simon McQuoid must have felt at times like he was a United Nations ambassador. Since a large part of the franchise’s box office over the years has come from the international markets, there was a concerted effort to bring in talent from all over the world to work on the film. The diversity of the cast, McQuoid told us, made working on Mortal Kombat a really special experience for him. (Click on the media bar below to hear Simon McQuoid)

Mortal Kombat is now playing in theaters and currently streaming on HBO Max.

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