‘Terminator’ Made Arnold Schwarzenegger A Star … Can He Help It Survive?

Even though it’s been plagued by a few underperforming movies in recent years, there are still plenty of people who believe theTerminator franchise still has a lot of life left in it. According to a report on the We Got This Covered website, James Cameron is one of those believers — he is reportedly involved with plans to revive the series through a new sequel, a future-set reboot, and a streaming series. And he’s apparently in good company, because the movies’ original star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is eager to get on board, too. It’s not surprising that Schwarzenegger would be up for more “Terminator” action, since he says he probably wouldn’t have had a successful movie career without his big break in The Terminator and its sequels. (Click on the media bar below to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger)

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