Matthew Del Negro Finds His Place ‘On A Hill’

Courtesy of Showtime

Veteran actor Matthew Del Negro wasn’t part of the original City on a Hill cast, but after joining the show halfway through its first season in 2019, he’s managed to stick around ever since. The show stars Kevin Bacon as an FBI agent who becomes part of a massive change in Boston law enforcement back in the 1990s. As Del Negro told us, the show — although fictional — is based on a series of real-life events that unfolded at that time in Boston’s history. (Click on the  media bar below to hear Matthew Del Negro)

Prior to getting the role on City on a Hill, Del Negro had been devoting a lot of time to a podcast he created, 10,000 NOs, a project that also led to him writing a motivational book. Del Negro came up with the idea for the podcast after Scandal wrapped. And while he continued to act (including roles on Amazon’s Goliath and Netflix’s Huge in France), he told us he saw a lot of value in communicating with an audience through a different kind of medium.

City on a Hill airs Sunday nights on Showtime.10,000 NOs podcast can be found at Apple iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming platforms.

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