Sylvester Stallone Breaks Down The Enduring Appeal Of ‘Rocky’

Later this year, the Rocky franchise will celebrate its 45th anniversary, and it’s done something few people would have imagined at the time: It’s not only stayed relevant, but has actually grown and expanded through the decades. Having spawned six Rocky movies and two Creed movies (with a third on the way), Sylvester Stallone isn’t finished with it, either. On Instagram, he teased a concept he’s working on right now — a TV series that will serve as a prequel to the original “Rocky” movie. He’s hoping it will get picked up by one of the streaming services so that the Rocky story can reach a whole new generation of fans. When we spoke to Stallone, he speculated on why fans still seem to love Rocky Balboa so much after all these years. (Click on the media bar below to hear Sylvester Stallone)

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