Nicolas Cage & The Role That Got Away: Superman

It was going to be one of the crowning achievements in Nicolas Cage’s career. A decade after the Superman franchise had ground to a halt, it was going to be rebooted, with Cage in the lead role. Scripts were written, Tim Burton was hired to direct, the film was cast, pre-production was under way … and then, at the last minute, the studio pulled the plug before filming could begin. Was it a disappointment? Of course it was. Especially since he and Burton had developed a very clear vision of how his Superman was going to be unlike any we’d seen before. How was it going to be different? While the film still had a green light, Cage shared their ideas. (Click on the media bar below to hear Nicolas Cage)

Along with the new perspective, the new Superman was also going to have a new, different suit than previous versions of the character. Of course, Cage admitted that his biggest challenge was the idea of putting on a superhero suit without feeling like it was some kind of elaborate Halloween costume.(Click on the media bar below to hear Nicolas Cage)

But he never got to wear that suit — not on camera, at least. And yes, it must have been frustrating for him to see the franchise restarted later, with new actors chosen to play the Man of Steel. While he was certainly disappointed, he’s told us he did come to terms with what happened, and he still loves the character, even if he didn’t get to play it. (Click on the media bar below to hear Nicolas Cage)


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