Through Tough Times, Paul Reubens Got By With A Little Help From His Friends

The way life has unfolded for Paul Reubens, it almost seems as if his rise, fall, and redemption were scripted for Hollywood. Now, that’s the truth. Reubens and HBO have announced that the company will be producing a two-part documentary film about him and the character that propelled him to stardom, Pee Wee Herman. For a guy who’s so funny, there’s definitely been a lot of drama in his life, and Reubens told us that while a lot of the highs have been pretty high, he also hit some pretty deep lows, and he’s thankful for the people who helped him survive his struggles. (Click on the media bar below to hear Paul Reubens)

No premiere date has been set yet for HBO’s documentary about Reubens.

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