Why ‘Quantum Leap’ Rumors Spiking, Scott Bakula Understands The Appeal

When Quantum Leap broadcast its series finale in 1993, it didn’t wrap the storyline with the kind of “happily ever after” closure people had been used to seeing. When the credits rolled for the final time, Dr. Sam Beckett was still out there in the universe, seemingly fated for a lifetime of leaping as a title card said that he “never returned home.” The idea that Beckett never stopped leaping has given hope to fans of the show that it might someday be resurrected. Twenty-eight years later, news that Scott Bakula would be out of a job after this season of NCIS: New Orleans has only added fuel to that fire. For a long time, Bakula has talked about how much he loves the show and how he’d be open to revisit it in some form. What is it that keeps Bakula so emotionally attached to the show? He said it was the amazing kinds of storytelling that Quantum Leap engaged in, which he attributes to the show’s creator and producer, Donald Bellisario. (Click on the media bar below to hear Scott Bakula)

Bakula also has plenty of praise for the show’s themes, and how most of the show’s episodes have held up over time. (Click on the media bar below to hear Scott Bakula)


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