Tool Men Reunite! Tim Allen, Richard Karn & Their New Improvement Show

Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor lives again! Well, sort of. Tim Allen just can’t shake the tools out of his system, so he’s got a new show on The History Channel, Assembly Required It’s a competition series focused on at-home builders who try — as Allen did on Home Improvement’s show-within-a-show, Tool Time — to turbocharge everyday devices with new ideas. So, as long as he was bringing back the old Tool Time vibe, why not bring back his old co-host, Richard Karn? Well, that’s exactly what he did. So how did it feel for these two buddies to be reunited on the set of yet another tool-oriented show? (Click on the media bar below to hear Tim Allen& Richard Karn)

Assembly Required  airs Tuesday nights at 10/9c on The History Channel.

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