Queen Latifah: ‘Equalizer’ Reboot Got Creator’s Blessing Before His Passing

The Equalizer was a TV drama that ran for four seasons in the late 1980s, then was adapted as a Denzel Washington big-screen vehicle in 2014, with a sequel in 2018. Based on the success of the films, Queen Latifah thought the time was right to bring the show back to television, with a twist — now she’s starring in the lead role. As one of the show’s executive producers, Latifah was involved in every stage of the reboot’s development, and that meant working with the man who originally created the ’80s show, Richard Lindheim. Sadly, Lindheim won’t get to see the broadcast premiere of the show’s new incarnation, because he passed away last month at the age of 81. Latifah told us she had a wonderful time working with the veteran writer/producer, and that he was completely on board with the new direction for the show. (Click on the media bar below to hear Queen Latifah)

The Equalizer will air following the Super Bowl this Sunday night on CBS.

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