Paul McCartney, The Accidental Pioneer

Maybe you’re amazed that Paul McCartney is still making great music at age 78. Then again, maybe you aren’t. When it debuted at No. 2 on Billboard’s albums chart, McCartney III earned McCartney a distinction that will be difficult for any young artist to match: He’s had an album of new music at No. 1 or No. 2 in each of the last six decades! (And for those of you who just counted back on your fingers, that’s right — it doesn’t include The Beatles and their chart-topping albums in the 1960s.) The man is, quite clearly, a living legend, and it’s not unusual to hear the adjectives “genius,” “pioneer,” or “groundbreaking” used to describe him. Back in their day, The Beatles we quite often flippant and not exactly masters of humility … so now that he’s got a few years under his belt, how does McCartney feel about those kinds of descriptions these days? (Click on the media bar below to hear Paul McCartney)

McCartney III is now available on CD, album, cassette, and in digital formats.

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