Yeardley Smith Didn’t Get The ‘Simpsons’ Role She Tried Out For, But…

Remember what were you doing back in 1987? For Yeardley Smith, it was embarking on a venture that — little did she know — would change the course of her career and life forever. At the time, she was reading for a voiceover role on a series of interstitial shorts to be aired on The Tracey Ullman Show. Of course, those shorts wound up taking on a life of their own, escaping the boundaries of Ullman’s show and becoming The Simpsons. The show is in its 32nd season, making it the longest-running entertainment show in television history; in 2021, it will air its 700th episode. (Only one other show, Gunsmoke, has aired more than 600.) Unlike Dan Castellaneta and Julie Kavner, who were already part of Ullman’s cast, Smith had to audition for the role, and though everything worked out in the end, she vividly remembers how things didn’t go quite as planned that day. (Click on media bar below to hear Yeardley Smith)

The Simpsons — including all of the show’s episodes, The Simpsons Movie, and several of their shorts — is currently streaming on Disney+.

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