‘Alien’ TV Series To Invade FX

There have been rumors of another Alien movie in the works for years. Those rumors have yet to come to fruition, but now, there’s news that FX will have a new Alien series. Director/producer Noah Hawley, who has rumored to be involved with the Alien franchise for some time, will produce and oversee the series.

Academy Award winner Ridley Scott, who directed the first Alien film back in 1979, as well as the film’s prequels, is in discussions to produce along with Hawley.

According to Entertainment Weekly, FX chairman John Landgraf pitched the series as combining the horror sensibilities of 1979’s Alien, and the action-oriented approach of 1986’s sequel, Aliens.

So Alien fans– are you excited about a TV series, or should this franchise have been left alone? Let us know!

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