When Uma Thurman & Quentin Tarantino Birthed The Idea Of ‘Kill Bill’

Ever since Kill Bill Vol. 1 and its sequel were released six months apart, there have been rumors that there could be a Vol.3. And every so often, Uma Thurman or Quentin Tarantino may let it slip that the two have talked, and the idea of a new sequel has come up. Although none of that talk has come to fruition yet, where Hollywood is concerned, you can never say never. So, while there currently isn’t anything on the table, we can still hold out some hope. One thing in the future sequel’s favor is the fact that the Kill Bill movies were passion projects for both Tarantino and Thurman, who told us the story of how the film was originally conceived. (Click on the media bar below to hear Uma Thurman)

 Kill Bill Vols. 1 & 2 is available on DVD.

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