Laura Dern’s Documentary Sees America Through A Bipartisan Lens

Pete Souza (left), former photographer for President Barack Obama, and THE WAY I SEE IT director Dawn Porter (right) at Capitol Theater in Madison, Wis. Oct. 26, 2019. Photo by Lauren Justice

Pete Souza was the Chief Official White House Photographer during the Obama administration. Since leaving that post, he’s turned his lens toward everyday America, charting the country’s path with his photography. Academy Award winner Laura Dern’s production company decided to follow Souza on his quest to understand the state of the States. The result is a documentary called The Way I See It. And though Souza may have served under a Democratic administration, Dern points out that Souza’s camera lens is bipartisan, and what it sees is a clear portrait of the real America and real Americans.

The Way I See It isn ow playing in limited release and it will be broadcast on MSNBC on October 9.

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