Now Focused On ‘Life After Flash,’ Sam Jones Recalls Landing The ‘Flash Gordon’ Role

After Superman was a big box-office hit in 1978, legendary movie producer Dino De Laurentiis was hoping to make a splash in the superhero game himself. But De Laurentiis, who never had a reputation for overpaying for properties, hadn’t booked one of the A-list heroes. Instead, he’d acquired the rights to campy 1930s comic book hero Flash Gordon. (Ironically, George Lucas had wanted to make a Flash Gordon movie but, because De Laurentiis had already acquired the property, could not.) Sam Jones was the actor hired to play Flash Gordon in the film, and it wound up being a pretty traumatic experience for him, detailed in the documentary Life After Flash. Jones told us that, looking back, the audition process for the film was a grueling one, but one he was ultimately fated to win, thanks to his genes.(Click on the media bar below to hear Sam Jones)

Life After Flash is available on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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