Jim Gaffigan Relished The Enthusiam And Close Knit Crew Behind ‘Most Wanted’

Antoine Olivier Pilon and Jim Gaffigan in “Most Wanted” (Saban Films)

Directed by Daniel Roby and inspired by a true story, Most Wanted centers on Daniel (Antoine-Olivier Pilon), a heroin addict who is forced by his employer (Jim Gaffigan) to participate in a drug deal that ultimately leads to his imprisonment in a Thai prison. Josh Hartnett is Victor, the investigative journalist who uncovers the corruption behind Daniel’s imprisonment.

With excellent work in Chappaquidick and Troop Zero under his belt, Gaffigan saw another great opportunity by collaborating with Most Wanted writer/director Daniel Roby.

“I’m much more selfish when it comes to picking movie roles. If the character has a complexity and has a non-obvious motivation I know I’m going to have a more enjoyable time playing that person,” said Gaffigan. “I love the story and the fact that my character was an important element in that story. That’s what really drew me. I had talked to Daniel Roby on the phone; I would do anything with him. He has the enthusiasm.”

Click on the media to hear Gaffigan talk about the crew that made working on Most Wanted a first rate experience:

Most Wanted hits theaters and Demand July 24 via Saban Films.

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