Tom Berenger Heads To Allagash In Character Driven Thriller ‘Blood and Money’


Tom Berenger in “Blood and Money” (Screen Media Films)

Blood and Money centers on Jim Reed (Tom Berenger), a retired veteran who spends his solitary days hunting in the Allagash backcountry of Maine. During a dangerous excursion which leads to a woman’s death, he discovers a duffle bag with money. Reed takes the bag, and he must evade the woman’s criminal colleagues if he wants to escape the wilderness in one piece.

“The Jim Reed character is loosely based on my father,” said director John Barr, who also penned the script. “My dad lives the way Jim Reed lives. That RV that we used was my dad’s actual RV. To have Tom portray my dad in a sense was huge, that adds more pressure to him. I spent quite a bit of time with Tom before we actually shot the film so we got really comfortable where he needed to be. So when we actually got to shooting, he was already there.”

Click on the media bar to hear Barr talk about how he was able to shoot this movie on an indie budget:

Blood and Money is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.


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