Psychological Horror Game ‘Ikai’ Set For 2021 Steam Release

Psychological horror games with a first person point of view should, if done right, make for an immersive and frightening gaming experience. Independent game studio Endflame’s Ikai aims for the aforementioned affect, and it is set for a Steam release in 2021.

Japanese folklore monsters, ghosts, and an exploration of a haunted medieval shrine are part of Ikai, and though the trailer is essentially a little peak into this world, Endflame does a good job at giving us a taste of the game’s atmospheric elements.

Having ghostly hands appear out of nowhere has terrified me since Repulsion, and hopefully this feudal Japan set tale offers up its share of memorable moments. Gamers will also have to stay relatively silent during Ikai to ensure the evil spirits are not bothered. Writing protective seals with brush and ink are also part of the experience, and it will also be interesting to see how that element plays into the title.

Check out the trailer and tell us what you think!!

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