Proximity centers on Isaac (Ryan Masson), a NASA JPL scientist who is abducted by aliens and returns to Earth several days later. Even though he uploads footage of his alien encounter, most pundits believe his account is a hoax, leading Isaac on a quest to bring his truth to light. Highdee Kuan and Christian Prentice are Sara and Zed, two new friends who aid Isaac in his quest.

Proximity is award winning VFX artist Eric Demeusy’s (Stranger Things) feature film debut (he also penned the script). Though the film exists on an expansive visual and narrative scope, Demeusy was armed with an indie budget for his ambitious project.

“With (Proximity), it’s about our character falling into obsession and searching for human connection,” said Demeusy. “That has to do with extra-terrestrials and not having to show them a lot but be able to focus on our main character and his journey through it. With a background in visual effects, I knew I would be able to incorporate some visuals and set pieces sparsely throughout the movie. Trying to focus on a stripped down narrative that you can put a supernatural twist on. That’s a hard thing to think of.”

Click on the media bar to hear Demeusy talk about the universal theme of human connection that is an integral aspect of Proxmity’s storyline:

Proximity hits On Demand and Digital on May 15 via Shout! Studios.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasd