Even if you’re not talking about movies, if somebody mentions The Dude, your mind is likely to conjure up the image of Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski. Even though the movie is 22 years old and made a measly $18 million at the box office in its initial release, Lebowski has only grown in stature and popularity over the years. Now you can find Lebowski Fests in many cities (often held, appropriately, at bowling alleys), and there’s even Dudeism, a religion based on the laid-back philosophy of the Bridges character. Why was Bridges the perfect embodiment of The Dude? Because the Coen brothers, who wrote the film together, worked on the screenplay with Bridges in mind. And even though Bridges isn’t sure why he was their inspiration, once he saw the script, he says he devoted himself to it 100%. (Click on the media bar below to hear Jeff Bridges)


The Big Lebowski is now playing on Starz and streaming on the Starz app.

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