Lost Transmissions centers on Hannah (Juno Temple) a songwriter who attempts to help her friend Theo (Simon Pegg) navigate through his battles with schizophrenia. Theo, a respected record producer, inspires Hannah to dive deeper into her music, so on one level he is bringing some much added value to her career. Hannah ends up being Theo’s go-to friend during his times of crisis, and his situation is worsened by his continuing refusal to take his medication.

Directed and penned by Katharine O’Brien, this Los Angeles set story features lived in performances by Pegg and Temple. The feature’s script, inspired by O’Brien’s own experiences with helping a friend in need, comes from a real place. When effectively done, such stories develop in an organic (and not plot driven) fashion.

“I just believe that you have to be true to your maxim of what you’re trying to tell,” said O’Brien. “The DNA that’s inherent to the core of your story. That should inform the plot and that should inform the structure. This film is really about this (space) between these two people who are trying to communicate but really can’t, so there are long takes that lets that awkwardness play out. It’s asking the audience to engage (with the story).

Click on the media bar to hear O’Brien discuss why Juno Temple was “perfect” for the role of Hannah:

Lost Transmissions, co-starring Alexandra Daddario, is now playing in theaters and is available On Demand.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi