Just like you, our heads have been spinning with the constant flow of news about the effects and disruptions of the Covid-19 virus on daily life here in America. If the rest of the world’s experience serves as a guide, it will be quite some time before we’re watching live sports again. It will be quite some time before we go to amusement parks again. And — this is where it hits home for us — it will be quite some time before we go back into movie theaters.

With new releases being pushed back, most theaters are closing their doors. And, let’s face it … most moviegoers are feeling a little bit antsy about being in a room with a lot of strangers right now.

But hey, here at Hollywood Outbreak, we’re all about alternatives, So while the film release schedule is in a state of indefinite flux, we’ll shift a lot of our focus over to the options you’ve got at home, whether it’s broadcast or cable TV, or the content available on streaming services. Some new stuff, some old binge-worthy stuff, but plenty of things to help you pass the time as we wait out the effects of the virus together. Stay home, stay healthy, stay sane, and stay entertained!

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