In most years, more than 100 pilots are written and filmed, all of them hoping to be picked up as television series. Most of them don’t succeed. And nearly every actor in Hollywood can tell their own failed pilot stories. So it’s a truly remarkable thing when an actor shoots a pilot, the show gets picked up, becomes a hit, and lasts for more than a decade. But that’s what happened for Eric Stonestreet, who shot the pilot for Modern Family in 2009 and has had a regular gig ever since. Alas, the job will be coming to an end, since this season has been announced as the show’s swan song, so Stonestreet is in the midst of saying a long goodbye. As he looks back on his experience, what will Stonestreet treasure most about his time on Modern Family?  (Click on the media bar below to hear Eric Stonestreet)

Modern Family airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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