The hit TV series Fantasy Island was a feel good show wherein Mr. Roarke (Ricardo Montalban) granted a wish for each of his visitors, and one would expect a predictable movie version would have followed the show’s similar beats.

But Fantasy Island is not a reboot of the series, and as the trailer suggests it’s a darker reimagining of that universe. This time out Mr. Roare (Michael Peña) is more manipulative and maybe downright evil, as the guests (which includes Lucy Hale) gradually realize that their island dream vacation has turned into a nightmare.

Director Jeff Wadlow, who previously worked with Hale on Truth or Dare, is the man behind the camera, and since Fantasy Island is a Blumhouse production, one can expect a healthy share of scares in this feature. It’s a wonderful twist on the program, and hopefully Wadlow and company will pull it off!

The marketing behind Fantasy Island is already off to an ingenious start, as the poster, which gives us a top down view of the island, actually looks like the silhouette of a person who is screaming “never coming home.” Check out the trailer and tell us what you think!

Co-starring Maggie Q and Jimmy O. Yang, Fantasy Island hits theaters on February 14, 2020!

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi