Directed by Noah Hawley (Legion), Lucy in the Sky centers on Lucy Cola (Natalie Portman), an astronaut who has problems adapting back to daily life after a profound journey into space. Jon Hamm is fellow astronaut Mark Goodwin who embarks on an affair with Lucy.

“It’s about what happens when your perspective is suddenly shifted with the advent of a very unique experience,” said Hamm. “And that experience is going into space and seeing the world and your life and the relationships in a completely different light.”

The picture is loosely based on Lisa Nowak’s respective trials as a NASA astronaut and adjusting to civilian life. Click on the media bar to hear Jon Hamm talk about the “artistry” and “subtlety” behind Lucy in the Sky.

Lucy in the Sky, directed by Noah Hawley, opens nationwide October 4.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi