Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock explored the unhealthy aspects of solely eating McDonald’s for one month in Super Size Me, and with Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken he continues his exploration of the fast food industry.

This time out Spurlock takes on the seemingly impenetrable business of “Big Chicken.” In the documentary we witness Spurlock attempt to open his own fast food restaurant (named Holy Chicken) as well as grow his own chickens in the process. The plight of the chicken farmers (the subjects interviewed are heavily in debt) as well as the manipulative ways corporations promote their fried chicken sandwich are among the subjects tackled buy Spurlock. If you’re a fan of Spurlock’s filmmaking, then Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken should definitely be up your ally.

“I think a lot of people are shocked when they learn about the chicken farmers and I think a lot of people are also shocked when they learn about the chicken industry in general,” said Spurlock, whose other directing credits include Freakonomics and Mansome. “When they start to see the labeling practices of Big Chicken. When they start to understand how misleading things like all natural or hormone free, or free range actually is to them, people get angry. People get taken aback. They want to go out and do something. I think that type of motivation is what you hope comes out of a film like this. You hope people come out of the movie instead of feeling meh or nonchalant, you hope that they are motivated in some way to activate some change.”

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Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken is available On Demand.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi