Laurence Fishburne stars in the character driven narrative Imprisoned, as he plays a vengeful prison warden named Daniel Calvin. Dylan Burke (Juan Pablo Raba) is a reformed ex-convict who is now settled down with a loving woman named Maria (Juana Acosta). Daniel is determined to exact revenge over Dylan and ultimately the film becomes a battle of wills between the strong willed individuals.

Shot in Puerto Rico, the picture was penned, produced, and directed by Paul Kampf, an artist whose background in theater helped inform him as a filmmaker. Building a theater from the ground up as well as becoming a founder at Equitas Entertainment, Kampf understands that sometimes one needs more than one particular job to get a film made.

“Now I’ve come to understand that it tends to be what’s required to get something going,” said Kampf, who cites his theater experience as a foundation for taking a big picture approach to his filmmaking. “You’re the writer and you try to introduce it to financiers to get behind it and then you have to convince them the project is worthwhile to invest in as a producer. And then you have to convince them that you’re the right director for the project. The hats just shift around depending on which room you’re in.”

One of Imprisoned’s strongest assets lies in the tension and chemistry between Juan Pablo Raba and Laurence Fishburne. Click on the media bar to hear Kampf talk about the actors’ working dynamic during production.

Imprisoned, now playing in New York, hits Los Angeles on Friday, September 20 and Chicago on September 27.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi