Earlier this year, the Tribeca Film Festival featured a brand-new documentary about one of the most widely panned movies in Hollywood history: Showgirls. Of course, 24 years after it was released, the film has taken on an entirely new life as a campy cult classic — one of those “so bad it’s good” cinematic experiences that keep audiences inexplicably coming back for more. Elizabeth Berkley used the role to show how far she’d come from her Saved By The Bell days, but she didn’t realize how savage the reviews would be. Of course, when the film opened here in America, things got even worse, as the movie dropped about 80% at the box office after two weeks. But the studio still had plans to open the film in Europe, and Berkley had been booked on a promotional tour to talk about Showgirls overseas. You’ve got to give Berkley credit, though — knowing that she, along with the film, would face withering criticism, she held firm to her commitment, even when given the opportunity to bail on the tour. When we spoke to her, she explained why she did that. (Click on the media bar below to hear Elizabeth Berkley)


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