Silicon Valley cast member Kumail Nanjiani made a big splash movie wise with 2017’s The Big Sick, an autobiographical tale that received critical acclaim. In Stuber he plays an Uber driver whose latest passenger (Dave Bautista) is a cop who’s trying to catch a killer. Mismatched pairings when done just right can lead to excellent films (Twins comes to mind!), and hopefully Stuber is worth the comedic ride.

“We wanted to feel the entire time that these guys are in danger,” said Nanjiani. “If any joke breaks the reality that they are in danger then the whole movie doesn’t work. I hope it’s really funny. The stuff we shot felt really funny.”

Though many buddy films feature one person being the alpha dog, Nanjiani claims that there are no sidekicks with Stuber (click on the media bar to hear Nanjiani).

Stuber hits theaters July 12.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi