The Hustle centers on two con women (Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson) who team up to scam the rich in hopes to amass their own wealth. Josephine (Hathaway) is the more seasoned of the pair, as she attempts to impart her wisdom to the unpredictable Penny (Wilson). Bedtime Story and Dirty Rotten Scoundrels were previous iterations of this comedic tale.

“I wanted to make a comedy with Rebel since I first saw her in Bridesmaids,” said Hathaway. “When the opportunity showed up and then, ‘Oh we’re playing con women and we get to be in the French Riviera and we get to wear fabulous clothes and there’s a million accents’ then it got better. But really it was about working with her.”

Click on the media bar to hear Anne Hathaway talk about having a different comedic approach to The Hustle than Rebel Wilson:

The Hustle is now playing nationwide. 

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi