In the diverting action comedy Welcome to Acapulco, a video game designer named Matt Booth (Michael Kingsbaker) is scheduled for a New Mexico flight but winds up in Mexico. Instead of the usual business trip, Booth is now being hunted down by federal agents and criminals. A mysterious woman (Ana Serradilla) with her own agenda is out to ensure Booth’s safety, but unfortunately the odds of his survival are slim!

“That sort of fish out of water adventure story is always fun especially because you’re talking about a really relatable person that’s involved in these extreme type of circumstances,” said Kingsbaker. “He’s not Jason Bourne or a super trained killer. I thought that was a lot of fun.”

Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs), William Baldwin (Backdraft), and Paul Sorvino (Goodfellas) are among the talented ensemble behind Welcome to Acapulco. The star of the narrative, however, is Kingsbaker who landed his biggest movie role to date.

“This is my first foray to being on call every day so that was a new experience for me,” said Kingsbaker. “Obviously I’ve done enough work to think I’m ready for it but you never know until you get there. I had to learn a few things about myself as far as keeping your stamina going and how to get to bed on time.  They took care of us really well, but this was run and gun. This was a film where it would take three months to shoot at least and we shot it in seven weeks. It was a big step up for me in a lot of ways.”

Welcome to Acapulco is now available On Demand and Digital.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi