The 1995 feature Waterworld was maligned by critics and journalists even before it came out. Whether it was reports of a creative rift with director Kevin Reynolds (Costner eventually took over the reigns) or its escalating budget, the movie was doomed from the start.

Costner has always been a frank and insightful interviewee, and credit goes to him for sitting down with us and fellow media members at the Waterworld press junket back in 1995.

During the interview, Costner talked about the reports the film’s budget. “I’m a pretty fiscally oriented person,” said Costner. “I’ve made movies. I’ve financed movies with my own money. The notion of throwing around money, I don’t want to go into where it goes, that’s not an (modus operandi) for me. I’ve had to wear that yolk to of where the money went. The decisions that I make are always fiscally oriented and story oriented.?

Click on the media bar to hear Costner explain why Waterworld was a “difficult” film to make:

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi