With In A Relationship, writer/director Sam Boyd expands on his 2015 short (which starred Dakota Johnson) into a full bodied feature. The storyline centers on Owen (Michael Angarano) and Hallie (Emma Roberts), a couple who, after spending five years together, are essentially on the outs. Their friends Matt (Patrick Gibson) and Willa (Dree Hemingway) have just started their romance, and this Los Angeles storyline explores these two absolutely different dynamics.

Though it’s a romantic comedy, In A Relationship doesn’t parrot the genre’s tropes. “I became really fascinated with the idea of making a movie that was fascinating the way romantic comedies are . . . but also was able to capture something and look at stuff that’s a little closer to life,” said Boyd. “When the couples are fighting, it’s not because one of them was secretly writing an article about the other one. It’s because he was typing too loud in his computer – that sort of minutiae of that became really interesting to me.”

Click on the media bar to hear Boyd discuss in detail how he was able to land a stellar ensemble for an indie budgeted feature:

In A Relationship hits theaters and On Demand November 9.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi