The title to this story is misleading, as cinematic nightmares can be a very good thing if you’re discussing the works of director Can Evrenol. His 2015 feature Baskin still is a horror-thriller that is referenced with affection and praise on CinemAddicts, and I was more than happy to interview Clémentine Poidatz, the star of his latest film HousewifeMy first question to Poidatz was, of course, if she has seen Baskin.

“First of all, I knew nothing about Can’s movies. Nothing it all. For many reasons, I don’t know – because I’m French so we’re more into auteur films,” said Poidatz whose credits include National Geographic’s Mars and Shut In.  “I don’t know why. It’s really stupid. I felt I would be too scared to watch it. Anyway, sometimes you have preconceived ideas about what you love and what you don’t love. You’re just too lazy to open a DVD and watch a movie. So when I watched Baskin, I was traumatized (laughs)! The ending was traumatizing. I loved it so much. I really loved that this very simple story that turns into a nightmare.”

Poidatz turned that trauma into a gratifying creative challenge, and in the audio below she talks about jumping out of her comfort zone to do Housewife:

Housewife centers on Holly (Poidatz), a woman who is understandably scarred by a childhood trauma and is also bored with her married life. Her life takes an eye-opening and possibly destructive turn after meeting a cult leader (David Sakurai). The picture, which is also co-penned by Evrenol (with Cem Ozüdüru), hits DVD, Digital, and DVD today!


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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi