Nicolas Cage as Red in the action, thriller film “MANDY”an RLJE Films release. Photo courtesy of RLJE Films

The latest installment of CinemAddicts is a good one, as we spotlight the Nicolas Cage feature Mandy. Set in 1983, the tale centers on Red Miller (Cage), an average Joe who lives out in the woods with his wife Mandy (Andrea Riseborough). When a cult leader (Linus Roache) and his minions descend upon this loving couple, Red’s life is immediately torn apart, leading to a blood-soaked journey of vengeance.

Directed by Panos Cosmatos, Mandy is a surreal, violent, and ultimately hypnotic story that offers up one of Cage’s best performances (it’s right up there with Adaptation and Joe). The feature hits select theaters on Friday.

We also offer up our take on Hal, a first rate documentary centering on the life of filmmaker Hal Ashby (The Last Detail, Being There). Anderson Cowan and I covered Ashby’s classic film Harold and Maude several weeks ago on Spoiled Cinema, and Ashby’s work is definitely dear to our hearts. Hal which was released last week in New York, hits Los Angeles theaters on Friday. Check out this month’s installment of CinemAddicts below!

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi