Peppermint centers on Riley North (Jennifer Garner), a woman who loses her husband and a daughter after they’re killed by members of a drug cartel. Determined to bring these criminals to justice, Riley immerses for several years to become a highly skilled assassin, thus doling out her own brand of revenge if the law doesn’t do the trick.

John Ortiz, a character actor who’s delivered standout work in Silver Linings Playbook, Miami Vice, and The Drop, co-stars as Detective Moises Beltran, a veteran lawman who is investigating a triple homicide (which may lead back to Riley North).

“I think this is a really fun, exciting, thrilling action movie with Jennifer Garner going back to her roots and she’s amazing in this,” said Ortiz. “This story has a lot of heart to it. It’s got a nice, added spin to what folks normally expect to see in a traditional action movie. So I’m really excited for them to see Peppermint.”

Another strong aspect of Peppermint lies in director Pierre Morel’s (Taken) decision to film in parts of Los Angeles viewers usually don’t get to see on screen. Click on the media bar to hear Ortiz talk about how Peppermint’s gritty use of the City of Angels’ locales:

Peppermint opens nationwide September 7.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi