Working together, in a world filled with competition, is a rare thing indeed, and the new PC game Grimmwood hopes to elevate the social mulitiplayer RPG experience. The game has players defend their village with up to 30 strangers amidst a mystical and unforgiving forest. With monster hordes attempting to eliminate humans from the environment, gamers must band together to survive this hellish experience.

The title, which hit Open Beta in early May, had more than 20,000 players experiences the game’s punishing “Blitz Mode,” where surviving on a daily basis may be a herculean task. Social chat and interaction are available in Grimmwood’s universe, and players, if they choose, can also end up double crossing their fellow villagers or voting out citizens who aren’t contributing to the overall experience.

A collaboration between Headup Games and Big Moustache Games, Grimmwood hits PC on August 2nd. Check out the release trailer below!

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi