Directed by Michael Grodner, The Icarus Line Must Die takes an even eyed look at rocker Joe Cardamone’s struggles to keep his band alive. Though the film is based on Cardamone’s life as an acclaimed and uncompromising musician in Highland Park, Ca., the picture is not a straight ahead documentary. Rather, it’s a narrative that packs a ton of unforgiving truths into its framework, weaving an ultimately compelling look at a music scene that warrants further exploration.

“What I wanted to do was to represent what the indie scene or the underground scene is like now for the outside viewer who might not be from L.A. and I wanted to include a cross section of some of the older artists like Keith Morris who is the original lead singer of Black Flag and is still a very relevant force in the music scene and also younger bands like Together Pangea who are more of an up and coming band,” said Grodner. “(They’ve been together) for a few years and also touring the world. The film, in a sense, is a time capsule to a certain degree and it gives you a window into a world you might not know.”

One of the film’s many strengths is its focus on other artists, including musician (and The Icarus Line band member) Alvin De Guzman and Robert Paulson (aka rapper Cadalack Ron). Click on the media bar to hear Grodner talk about both artists who have both passed since the making of the film:

The Icarus Line Must Die hits digital on July 10.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi