Independence Day is a holiday to be celebrated, but fans of The Purge franchise know that certain events come with a deadly price. The First Purge brings us into the origins of this exacting social experiment, as an isolated community in Staten Island are given one night to commit crime sans repercussions. Joivan Wade (EastEnders) is Isaiah, a youth whose coming of age story takes place within these aggressively chaotic times.

While the premise of The First Purge is obviously fantastical (the experiment is created by Dr. Updale, played by Marisa Tomei), Wade understands the movie has relevant themes. “With this island experiment, it genuinely feels like – give us a year and a half, two years, those types of conversations might start to happen,” said Wade. “That’s what makes it so scary but also exciting. This is actually crazy, this is very relatable. The scary thing about this is we don’t know what could happen – this could very well happen in our own backyard.”

Click on the media bar to hear Wade talk about Isaiah’s journey in The First Purge.

The First Purge opens nationwide July 4.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi