Nossa Chape

On this month’s episode of CinemAddicts, we take a deep dive on Solo: A Star Wars Story which turned out to be one of our top picks in May. Directed with workmanlike craftsmanship from Ron Howard, the film has performed below box office expectations. But nonetheless, it’s Grade A entertainment and another worthy installment in the franchise.

The stirring documentary Nossa Chape centers on Brazilian soccer club Chapecoense’s attempts to rebuild after a tragic plane crash killed most of the players. The documentary focuses on the three players who survived the crash and interviews with family members and club employers are also featured in the film. Filmmakers Jeff and Michael Zimbalist thankfully provide a clear eyed account of the tragedy and its aftermath, and thankfully the documentary never devolves into manipulative storytelling. 

Also covered in the podcast is the Natalie Portman narrated (she also produces) documentary Eating Animals. Based on Jonathan Safran Foer’s book of the same name, the project focuses on the destructive effects of factory farming. Directed by Christopher Dillon Quinn (God Grew Tired of Us), the feature also focuses how individual farmers who, though they try to carve their own path, are swimming upstream with the bottom line business of factory farming.

Eating Animals isn’t a documentary that doesn’t blatantly urge viewers to become vegetarians. Rather it shows how the meat we eat, delivered via factory farming, is destructive to our own health and the environment. At the very least, viewers will have a deeper knowledge regarding the food they decide to put on their plate. 

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Both Nossa Chape (opening wider release June 8) and Eating Animals (opening in New York June 15 and June 22 in Los Angeles) are just two features in a crowded June schedule. What films are you excited about? Feel free to comment below:

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi