The bad news with episode 80 of CinemAddicts is that Jennifer Lawrence’s latest film Red Sparrow absolutely misses the mark. Playing a ballerina turned intelligence agent who attempts to extract information from a CIA agent (Joel Edgerton), Lawrence does her best in the role but the narrative is a muddled mess. Also covered on the show is the disappointing sci-fi thriller Annihilation which, though it also features a capable lead performance from Natalie Portman, also ends up a big disappointment.

Smaller fare turned out to be my cinematic recommendations in this installment, as the motel thriller Josie, headlined by Dylan McDermott and Sophie Turner, had much more dramatic gravitas than I was expecting. Featuring standout work from McDermott as a loner haunted by his past and Turner as the young woman who changes his fate, Josie is a must watch (especially if you love twisty pulp noir or generally well done dramas) when it debuts in theaters and On Demand March 16. I Kill Giants, a flick based on the Joe Kelly graphic novel that hits theaters and On Demand a week later, is also highly recommended.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi