Director Ron Shelton (White Men Can’t Jump) hasn’t released a feature film since 2003’s Hollywood Homicide, and it’s great to see him back with the comedy Just Getting Started. The feature centers on Duke Diver (Morgan Freeman), the manager of a luxury Palm Springs resort. Though he initially butts heads with military vet Leo (Tommy Lee Jones), a new resident at the resort, the pair team up to uncover the person who’s trying to put Duke six feet under. Rene Russo, who previously worked with Shelton in Tin Cup, co-stars.

“One of the big pluses for Ron is that (when) he writes it, he doesn’t marry himself to it,” said Freeman. “If you have a better idea for a line, fine that’s what he wants . . . so that’s really good because when you get into a flow as actors there comes a time when it’s sort of free flowing and you’re not married absolutely to the text because you can see other possibilities in it and he sees them too.”

Freeman previously worked with Russo in Outbreak, and now he finally gets to collaborate with Jones. Click on the media bar below to hear Freeman talk about being a fan of Tommy Lee Jones as an actor and director.

Just Getting Started opens nationwide December 8.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi