Out today on Blu-ray and DVD, Ingrid Goes West is a stalker film that could be considered today’s version of Single White Female. Director Matt Spicer, however, has much more on his mind than telling the story of a mentally unstable young woman named Ingrid (Aubrey Plaza) who becomes instantly fixated on a sunny Californian (Elizabeth Olsen). Rather, this flick is a pointed satire on the vapidity of social media, and it’s at its best when it skewers the beguiling the facade of this understandably addictive world.

After a brief stint at a mental institution, Ingrid heads to Venice, Ca. with her mother’s inheritance (she’s left with over $60,000) to stalk an Instagram celebrity named Taylor Sloane (Olsen). After brilliantly insinuating herself into Taylor’s life, Ingrid becomes fat friends with the object of her affections, and their bond leads both down a much darker path. O’Shea Jackson Jr. nearly steals the show as Ingrid’s constantly vaping landlord and Wyatt Russell plays Taylor’s failed artist husband.

Special features on the disc include deleted scenes and audio commentary from Plaza, Spicer, and writer David Branson Smith. The commentary is pretty informative and funny (thanks to Plaza’s deadpan humor), and most of the deleted scenes are actually extended versions of sequences that made it to the final cut. One deleted scene, dealing with a table read conducted by O’Shea Jackson Jr. (the landlord is also a wannabe screenwriter), is actually one of the funniest moments of the narrative and is worth checking out.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi