Director Christopher Nolan is all about the cinematic experience, and the upcoming release of Dunkirk on 4K Ultra HD continues his commitment to that level of excellence. The title hits 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on December 19.

“I’m excited to releasing Dunkirk on 4K UHD with HDR,” said Nolan. “The film was shot entirely on the highest definition IMAX and 65mm film and this fantastic new format, with its increased resolution and superior colour reproduction is able to maximize Dunkirk’s impact in the home.”

The picture, which took in over $523 million at the box office, clocked in at just 106 minutes and some detractors complained over the story’s lack of character building. Personally I loved the flick and I also didn’t mind its PG-13 rating. Nolan’s non-linear storytelling is rendered to full effect with Dunkirk, as we see the seemingly rescue effort told from different vantage points and time periods. Dunkirk is not a standard, two hour plus World War II biopic that’s filled with exposition, and movie lovers craving a pure visceral experience should love (or at least enjoy) the flick. Tom Hardy and Harry Styles headline the feature.

Although an audio commentary track from Nolan would have been great with the respective releases, it comes with a ton of featurettes:

· Creation: Revisiting the Miracle
· Creation: Dunkerque
· Creation: Expanding the Frame
· Creation: The In-Camera Approach
· Land: Rebuilding the Mole
· Land: The Army On the Beach
· Land: Uniform Approach
· Air: Taking to the Air
· Air: Inside the Cockpit
· Sea: Assembling the Naval Fleet
· Sea: Launching the Moonstone
· Sea: Taking to the Sea
· Sea: Sinking the Ships
· Sea: The Little Ships
· Conclusion: Turning Up the Tension
· Conclusion: The Dunkirk Spirit

What are your thoughts on Dunkirk? Did you see it in theaters or are you waiting for its home entertainment release. Feel free to comment below!!

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi