Based on a true story, Last Rampage: The Escape of Gary Tison centers on the 1978 prison escape of convicted murderer Gary Tison (Robert Patrick) and fellow prisoner Randy Greenawalt (Chris Browning). Tison’s three teenage sons helped spring him from prison, and their decision leads to the killing of a family and a pair of honeymooners (on separate incidents).

Director Dwight Little (Murder at 1600, TV’s Bones) brings years of expertise and craftsmanship to the proceedings, and Last Rampage is blessed with a mesmerizing performance from Patrick.

One of the film’s many highlights comes from an exchange between the sheriff (Bruce Davison) who’s hot on Tison’s trail and an irresponsible warden (late actor John Heard). Since both men are among cinema’s finest character actors (check out Heard in Cutter’s Way), watching them work was an experience that wasn’t lost on Last Rampage’s ensemble.

“It was very simple,” said Little. “Just a two hander of them across a desk but the nuance and the beats that they brought to that scene – it was funny because we had shot with the other actors earlier that day and they were all finished and they were wrapped. And everybody stayed behind the monitor to watch these scenes between these two old pros.”

Click on the media bar to hear Little talk about a movie subplot that deals with a reporter’s (Molly C. Quinn) attempts to investigate the Tison case (Little mentions Heather Graham, who plays Tison’s wife, and Davison in the clip):

Last Rampage: The Escape of Gary Tison is now playing in select theaters and is available On Demand.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi