Steve Carell knows a thing or two about working on non-fiction narratives (The Big Short, Foxcatcher) and with Battle of the Sexes he plays showman and tennis star Bobby Riggs. Emma Stone co-stars as his opponent Billie Jean King, and their match would be one of tennis’ most popular matches.

“There’s that public persona and then there’s this guy that no one really knew,” said Carell. “I remember watching, which I started doing research, there’s this great 60 Minutes interview with him and he’s doing his thing. He’s playing his character. It’s this spiel. But then the conversation came around to his wife and talking about how they recently separated . . . even within all of that bravado and that crazy over the top nature of his, you can see the pain he was suffering through. To me, that was sort of the root that I was going for.”

Along with the challenge of delving into the interior life of Riggs, Carell actually let his hair grow for Battle of the Sexes. Click on the media bar below to hear a funny Carell story about his hair raising experience on Battle of the Sexes:

Battle of the Sexes opens nationwide September 29.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi