Beloved genre film festival Beyond Fest is hitting Los Angeles starting September 29 and a bevy of stars and directors are attending the event. Twenty three West Coast premieres, including the Vince Vaughn flick Brawl in Cell Block 99, are slated for the fest. Suspense master Dario Argento will also be on hand to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Suspira (the film underwent a 4K restoration).

“While the two worst manbaby haircuts on the planet prepared for nuclear destruction, we prepped cinematic armageddon,” said Beyond Fest co-founder Christian Parkes. “We’re immigrants and we saw Dr. Strangelove – we know how this ends – but at least we get to watch some great films with our heroes and go out with a real bang.”

One event we’re looking forward to is “Car Chases, Collisions & Conversation: An Evening with Edgar Wright and Walter Hill” which features screenings of both Baby Driver and The Driver. Wright’s Baby Driver, one of this year’s sleeper hits, was influenced by Hill’s underrated The Driver (which thanks to Wright has received its share of newfound attention). To hear how the song “Bellbottoms” was also an important aspect of making Baby Driver, click on the media bar below:

Tickets for Beyond Fest are available starting Friday, September 8 via Fandango and American Cinematheque.

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Posted by: Greg Srisavasdi